3 Dreams. Crocodile on a Plane, Cowboys and Pies, Pot of Rice on a Bush.

I had a black and white dream. In a jungle, I rappelled down from the canopy onto the back of a crashed jetliner suspended by vines above a swamp of crocodiles. Somehow, a croc crawled around on the top of the huge jetliner. I jolted awake.

I had another dream. This one in color. A lot of browns. In a saloon, cowboys sat around eating pies; no alcohol to drink, just pies. The dream switched to be outside in the desert with those patches of scrub grass. Two groups of cowboys came riding in on horses to meet up. They got down off the horses and one pulled out a pie. That was it.

Dreamt I hadn’t seen one of my brothers in a while and to search for them I rode my skateboard to a hospital. Carrying my skateboard, I went into the hospital. I walked past a lot of people waiting in ER or something, turned a corner, glanced around the room full of more people, then left.
Outside I saw my brother with his skateboard. I talked to him, but don’t remember what we said other than he was going straight home.
I got on my skateboard and headed down the sidewalk. A large root hung down from a tree, meandered across the sidewalk, and into the open driver’s door of this black van. Why it was a root and not a vine I don’t know. Grabbed it, I yanked and threw it out of the way. I noticed a guy sitting in the driver’s seat and apologized for hitting his leg with the root. He said thank you, and something about getting rid of the root was what he wanted anyway.
At the top of a hill, I didn’t want to go down this one winding road and get lost. Turning around to head home, I threw this cup of water that appeared in my hand into this cooked pot of rice someone had on top of the bush in front of their house.
Riding my skateboard down the hill, I worried they were going to come out of the house to eat the rice and be all mad, or get sick and I’d be sued.
I can’t remember the rest after that.

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