A Monkey’s Guide on How to Hide Your Money

For some reason, I remember a concept that the dream had sentient zombies, and they were trying to maintain control of a wondrous amusement park.

I can’t remember the start of the dream. The first place I recall well enough is on a dark street lined with two-story brick buildings. It was night, and I was watching this way and that for any zombies. It felt pretty scary.

It turns out I was standing guard for this other guy in one of the buildings.

I was trying to survive from being attacked by this banshee-like zombie with pointed teeth. It seemed more like it was harassing me as I swung at it with a stick or pipe, and it would go off into the dark again. Mostly just a face in the dream showing up again and again in front of me.

The other guy came out, and we got in a car. In the dream, we just blinked to the next scene; to this amusement park in the world. It was beautiful.

The other guy and I waited by this train station for a third guy. I didn’t trust the new guy who was coming, and I went through this huge sliding gate with gold/brass bars. It latched closed, and I manually slid over a latch at the bottom and pushed it down. It was a very visually detailed dream.

A Steampunk red, black, and brass train came. I was the only person onboard, and I saw cotton candy on a rack in one corner.

Out the windows, I saw the third guy drove up in a black Model-T car, and he got out all dressed in an expensive suit. He was a bit on the chubby side.

Walking to the steam engine cabin, I throttled the train faster.

I was suddenly at the main castle of the park, I got off and walked through these tall black, cast iron gates into a courtyard. The other guy I originally was with and the new guy were already there standing by the car. They were not at all happy with me.

This sentient zombie dressed in a new suit, not very zombie-like, came into the courtyard. I walked over to the cast iron gate and broke a piece off with my bare hands. It was made of dollar bills and painted black. Some of the money blew away as I peeled the paint off the outside.

The zombie ran for it, and I showed the two guys I had a book, “A Monkey’s Guide on How to Hide Your Money.” It was weird; it came through as the complete clear title in the dream. Unusually precise for a dream.

I woke up and had to go pee so bad it hurt to move. I was all confused at the time. It was a nightmare, then wondrous, to a weird silly at the end. I felt I had to rush and had a fear of getting caught the whole dream.

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