Dodge Charger dream.

I had a dream of racing in this 1969 Dodge Charger with a modern paint job against a 1975 Dodge Challenger with mat black paint. We sped down these twisting country roads and repeatedly passed each other.

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3 Dreams. Crocodile on a Plane, Cowboys and Pies, Pot of Rice on a Bush.

I had a black and white dream. In a jungle, I rappelled down from the canopy onto the back of a crashed jetliner suspended by vines above a swamp of crocodiles. Somehow, a croc crawled around on the top of the huge jetliner. I jolted awake.

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Writing Fight / Action Scenes. With Examples.

Saw other blogs about writing fight scenes. I didn’t like most of the few I read. Plus I figured I had helpful information to add; examples being one of those things. I decided to attempt my own post on the subject.

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Shark Skin

I suppose it’s obvious a dream which had a shark in it was a nightmare. I held a shark maybe 4 inches long but a little stubby like a piranha. It bit through my skin and burrowed inside me.

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Why Women can’t Womansplain.

Wife: did you unplug it?
Husband: I’m not stupid.
Wife: There’s a capacitor in there.
Husband: I know there’s a capacitor in there.
Wife: You’re going to electrocute yourself doing that.
Husband: I know what I’m doing.
2 seconds later, flash, loud pop, the smell of burnt metal. Husband almost having a heart attack.

Women explaining to men is just an attempt to keep them alive for 2 seconds longer.