Increase the word count in your book.

Increase word count for your novel.

How to with examples: Ways to increase the word count in your novel.

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Back Cover Copy. Critique please.

Those in power do as they please.

When the human race discovered a trans-dimensional gate at the edge of the solar system, they gained access to the rest of the galaxy. Plunged into an interstellar society, humanity competed with alien empires and otherworldly forces. As humans spread throughout the stars, they found a few of their children born outside the Terran system were gifted with strange energies and abilities. When a civil war on a faraway world led to a hunt of all those who were gifted, one man, Jovan Anlon, and his alien wife Emery Valéry, commandeered a colossal ship, forcing an end to the conflict.

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How To: Visualizing Characters for Writing

This might be obvious to most, something you automatically do. I’ve come to realizations of something that seemed so obvious after I learned or thought of it. So, I’ll explain a technique where you are the actor.

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Sci-Fi, Giving names to technology

Science Fiction, especially military type Sci-Fi, is a genre where names for a technology of any kind is preferred.

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Writing Fight / Action Scenes. With Examples.

Saw other blogs about writing fight scenes. I didn’t like most of the few I read. Plus I figured I had helpful information to add; examples being one of those things. I decided to attempt my own post on the subject.

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