Do you like Mechas?

I’m not using “Mech” though I like the sound of it better. If you search that it tends to show “Mecha” anyway.

One key thing I find concerning Mechas is when they’re in a story, whether in a book, anime, or a game, there are lots of models and a tendency to have many swappable parts.

I come up with a bunch of information for my Mechas. It’s hard to come up with cool names for each Mecha type and a name for each weapon. I do enjoy doing the initial building and research, but I also need to stop doing that and actually write the story.

Are you hardcore on this? Do you just do art or write without going in-depth?

In the actual story, because people say it’s too complex, I try to limit how much detail is explained. Hopefully, I have managed to get a nice flow between description and action.

Do you fill out every detail with a purpose?

I have gone with most being humanoid and around 3 stories tall; though not all.

There are Mechas specialized for flying, land, underground, and water. There are attack, defense, speed, infiltration, and stealth models. Oh, and labor class models for construction, loading/unloading ships, and so on.

Does anyone go for all around models that fight wherever or however? Maybe just heavy armor tanks and light armors for speed.

I don’t have any that fully transform. There is one that has tank treads and they move into leg position.

Do you go for the transforming from a spaceship to Mecha or similar?

Special abilities are also something I try to add in. Teleportation powers, cloaking, a long powerful energy shot.

Does anyone do this or a more realistic military approach?

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  1. Hello there, it’s nice to see another fan of the mecha genre who contemplates such nuances and I would say that a more realistic military approach is definitely the way to go with mecha as otherwise it just feels like Sailor Moon or something.

    I’ve even categorised all of the mobile weapons from the After Colony and Anno Domini timelines of Gundam in accordance with contemporary military classification, using adjusted and/or improvised terminology of course and I’ve also developed a comprehensive taxonomic Zoid classification system that lists each Zoid by what creature they are based on in a quasi-phylogenetic order, have a look at them and let me know what you think:

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