Dodge Charger dream.

I had a dream of racing in this 1969 Dodge Charger with a modern paint job against a 1975 Dodge Challenger with mat black paint. We sped down these twisting country roads and repeatedly passed each other.

It was like watching a movie. The scenery was awesome. I could see the Dodge Charger’s paint reflect the surroundings and the sunlight.

The dream switched to this parking lot near these white factory buildings. A teenage me was with this girl and some other people unclear in the dream.

We road bicycles past one of the buildings. Between two of them, we saw these fifteen-feet tall statues slash manikins along with other random junk outside a garage door. She wanted to go check it out. We headed over and looked around. No-one stopped us. We strolled inside the building and looked around. It was a movie prop maker.

A woman behind a counter said something to me.

The girl and the others headed outside. I followed. They stepped into the building on the other side of the parking lot.

It felt pretty real, like a memory, like I knew the girl from my childhood.

I woke up with a serious need to go pee.

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