Dream: Atlantis

A dream I had:
Someone hid an SD chip in a 3.5″ floppy drive. A group I was with had to obtain it to be the first ones to find Atlantis. There was a lot of running vast distances. We found it but when we decoded what the chip had on it the time was up. Why all of a sudden there was a time limit I don’t know.

Someone had gotten to Atlantis and acquired godlike powers. They laughed and grew into a giant. A bit fuzzy on what happened at this part. The person imagined grapes were explosive, and the heads of the people who bit down on a grape exploded. The person found it hysterical. Birds picked grapes off the vines and exploded. The person laughed harder; their eyes bulged out and their face elongated. They fell to the ground roaring with laughter and lit on fire. Still laughing, they melted away as they thought what if fire was sentient, what would it do? Little fire sprites ran all around. One from someone’s cigarette lighter ran up the person’s arm.

I woke up at that point. Have very visual dreams. The giant person stretched out looked like Momo Challenge hoax mask.

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