Shark Skin

I suppose it’s obvious a dream which had a shark in it was a nightmare. I held a shark maybe 4 inches long but a little stubby like a piranha. It bit through my skin and burrowed inside me.

I tried to hold it in place as it moved all around under my skin. For what seemed like the longest time that wasn’t working.

Some guy in a lab coat was standing next to me out of nowhere. It felt like I knew him.

I managed to get the shark held in place on my stomach. I pushed its mouth against the inside of my skin. It cut through, and I squeezed it out.

The nightmare jumped to the hospital ER. I was bleeding but was not feeling any pain. The wound on my hand was forgotten about. Kind of casually, I talked to check-in about needing to see a doctor. The nightmare feeling of stress and anxiety was gone despite the gruesome wound coming from my belly. I woke up.

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