Dream: Superheroine Vortex

I taught a young heroine on how to use her powers. She made a wind vortex form out of the palm of my right hand. It hurt. The more time passed, the more it hurt. We stopped the session, and she noticed I was exhausted and hurting. She ran off not wanting to use her powers.

A massive villain attacked. Its form was hard to distinguish in the dream. The young heroine had to use her powers, and a vortex came from my hand. She felt her powers were not much of a help; a vortex of wind was all that she could do.

Somehow I helped her and channeled through her mind and changed the vortex into a giant wind golem and punched the enemy.

She was surprised there was more to her powers than she comprehended.
I woke up.

I suppose I read a lot of X-Men comics.
Not sure why I would know how her powers worked better than her other than it was my dream and I was the teacher.

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