Gill Rune character

Thought I’d talk about the Main Character in Web of Chaos, Gill Rune.

An agent of Anlon, he wants to make the world a better place. Having lived through a worldwide war, then a conflict comprised of many nearby planets and numerous races, Gill sees the last six years as having made massive progress, but not good enough. Of course, there will always be detective work though he does dream of a perfect world. Gill would love to dedicate his life to his daughter but will not stop doing his job no matter how much he tells himself he wants to.
Gill shows a desire for equality. He is fairly kind to those he sees as innocents, yet Gill is harsh to anyone he sees as the enemy. Still, he will use the innocent to complete his missions.
I like to put a bit of delusion in each character — a misunderstanding of themselves in relation to the rest of reality. Their right being better than everyone else’s vision of right and wrong.

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