Increase the word count in your book.

How to with examples: Ways to increase the word count in your novel.


One way to add a lot of words in one large chunk is by adding a new twist to your story.

This can be accomplished without too much trouble. In Alien 3, the creature is submerged in molten lead. The death of the alien could have ended there, and the story would advance to the next part. It looks like the writer needed to stretch out the story. In the next part, the creature jumps out covered in hot metal. Now that the movie continues, a new way to destroy the alien is needed. This is done by drenching it in water. The rapid temperature change causes the creature to explode.

Now that the story is altered, consider how this relates to the rest. What is in the Alien 3 movie is foreshadowing. Earlier, a part was added where a metal bucket got heated up. The sprinklers turned on soaking it in water, and the bucket split.

Show don’t tell:

Another way to get more words is to spell out the adverbs and adjectives.

“Exploring around cautiously for a bit, she became grumpy and smacked her fists down on the blankets of a bed.” The keywords are ‘cautiously and grumpy.’

Cautiously example. “Exploring, she peeked around corners, lifted blankets, and sniffed the air while looking up at the ceiling.”

Grumpy example. “Smacking her fists down on the blankets of a bed, she glared at Soren, then looked away and crossed her arms.”

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