Labradoodle with Silly Hat, in Space

I and my girlfriend and Superboy got screwed over on some deal. I tried to calm Superboy down and told him only one person needed to talk to the guy. Superboy was worried because the guy was rich and the three of us were not, so we would just be dismissed.

I told Superboy that the case was too simple to get the Avengers involved. (I know Superboy, Avengers not same universe.)

So this guy was on another planet. We got in a ship and traveled to this ball that had a dress code. We dressed in formal Earth clothes but didn’t know what appropriate attire was on the alien world.

We waited in line, Superboy first, then my girlfriend, and I hung back to keep an eye out. Superboy disappeared from the dream. Don’t know why.

This Labradoodle was in line ahead of my girlfriend and must have been wearing too much inappropriate attire. The dog yelled, “What is inappropriate now? I’m almost completely naked after you took off all the other stuff.”

The bouncer held up a little fuzzy hat like a pastel, stuffy toy with small teddy bear arms or whatever on a hat shape body. “You were wearing this.”

I looked at a Golden Retriever waiting in line wearing a similar cute stuffy hat. He looked back at me with the funniest face. Like uh-oh.

The Labradoodle walked off in a huff, and the Golden Retriever was no longer in the dream as my girlfriend got to the front of the line.

Up three stairs was a room with a long counter, and Mystique stood behind the cash register, checking coats with her boyfriend. Don’t know who he was. It was not Forge but did have brown hair.

Next thing I know, A half Skeletor, half Magneto who was split down the middle as each comes in and looks in the cash register. He said, “I didn’t know you could duplicate stuff when I hired you,” all angry. (Mystique can’t duplicate stuff in comics.)

She frowned and walked around from behind the counter, down the stairs with her boyfriend following. He stated, “You’re going to the bank to replace it?”

She grabs his hand and drags him off.

Out a window, we saw it began snowing.

I started to tell my girlfriend what I thought was going on with the sudden snow. The next thing I know, she closed this big metal sliding door to the coat room. I was angry I got the door shut in my face, and she was in there with Skeletor/Magneto alone.

I’m banging on the door, making a ruckus, and she finally opened it. I’m glaring at her, and she was like, “Me and Skeletor/Magneto decided to do things our way.”

I said, “I was just trying to say I believe Skeletor/Magneto made it snow on Mystique because it is something his Skeletor half can do.” (I’m not aware of Skeletor being able to make it snow.)

Skeletor/Magneto pointed out, “That’s what I was saying.”

I woke up with a bad migraine.

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