Process of writing novel. 2 setting, character types.


To start off the story the first location is at least needed. In this case, the spaceship can be the primary location most, or all the story takes place.

We have the bridge and hydroponics bay from the dream. Will have the bridge be fairly small. Seats for five people. The hydroponics bay will be pretty big. I’ll give it a higher ceiling than the bridge.

The ship will be two-story high, but wider than it is tall and longer than it is wide. The water recycling section will be under the hydroponics bay. I will put in a docking bay near the back and have it be a two stories high area. Besides corridors, I’ll have two small engine rooms. So, main engines on the left and right side of the ship. Oh, retractable landing gear legs on the bottom of the ship and a ramp comes down from the docking bay to load the ship.

Will stop there an move on to assigning characters to types.

Character types:

I’ll mention by Glen C. Strathy as I found much of this parts information on there some time ago.

We’ll have Erhard Schreiber “Pursue the Goal” and set him as the Main Character.

Linn Dahl will “Help” him.

The ugly alien could be the Antagonist and avoid or reconsider. But I’ll go with “Uncontrolled.”

Sudden idea. I’ll have another crew member be the Antagonist. He’ll “Avoid.”

Mindmap Image

I use the mindmap outline as a general idea. Sometimes I find it more helpful to change the keyword to something more specific of how the character acts. In this case, I’d write it in the character’s bio. He avoids helping the Captain or other crew in any way in the hopes he can end up being the one in charge. Avoiding dying himself, hence avoiding dangerous situations.

Next time, we’ll do the plot.

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  1. Great post! Not too long, but just enough detail to give a writer something to go by to make the process systematic.

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