Dodge Charger dream.

I had a dream of racing in this 1969 Dodge Charger with a modern paint job against a 1975 Dodge Challenger with mat black paint. We sped down these twisting country roads and repeatedly passed each other.

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3 Dreams. Crocodile on a Plane, Cowboys and Pies, Pot of Rice on a Bush.

I had a black and white dream. In a jungle, I rappelled down from the canopy onto the back of a crashed jetliner suspended by vines above a swamp of crocodiles. Somehow, a croc crawled around on the top of the huge jetliner. I jolted awake.

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Shark Skin

I suppose it’s obvious a dream which had a shark in it was a nightmare. I held a shark maybe 4 inches long but a little stubby like a piranha. It bit through my skin and burrowed inside me.

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Weaponized Tacks

I and someone else, I couldn’t see their body though they stood right next to me, were in the dining room of a dark house. Other people/entities got inside. I had a flat stick like a ruler with tacks in it, points sticking out. The other person had a short one with a rubber tube on the end. I put a tack at the end of the rubber tube with the point sticking out thru the rubber. Of course, I doubt that would do any good at all against an intruder, but what can I say, (shrug) dreams.

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Labradoodle with Silly Hat, in Space

I and my girlfriend and Superboy got screwed over on some deal. I tried to calm Superboy down and told him only one person needed to talk to the guy. Superboy was worried because the guy was rich and the three of us were not, so we would just be dismissed.

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