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Here is my Ad outcome for a Science fiction-fantasy space opera novel on kindle, kindleunlimited, and paperback. 

Of all the ads I’ve made, one of the plain photo cards got the most clicks through to Amazon. 

I thought the GIFs or Videos would work best. The runner up is a video with sound.

The rest aren’t worth mentioning other than to look at the words and graphics to get an idea of what did not work.

The links to the six ads I tried together are below.

Click on ranking to see a sample post on Twitter.

1st place had 1.33% click rate to impressions.

2nd had 0.93%



5th I already changed card and Twitter changes it for all previous posts. Here is what it looked like:

An arms race threatens the balance of power in the galaxy. Jovan Anlon and Emery Valéry must remain in control at all costs. Each determined to do things their way, will they lose it all? #Book


Maybe if I used a shorter video it would have gotten more clicks. The animated GIFs also didn’t do good so perhaps not.

Total link clicks for the account and ages 21-up were the same.

The 25-up was 98.8% of the total. 

The 30-up was 86.9% of the total.

The 35-up was 84.5% of the total.

The 40-up was 79.7% of the total.

The 50-up was 51.2% of the total.

My age group was a lot older than I expected.

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