Using Life Events as Parts of Stories

In celebration of the 4th of July here in the U.S.A, I’d like to point out things that may have happened to you, me, or someone at the time. You can use many things to spruce up your book.

When the fireworks went off, did your dog hide? You can add a dog into your story and have the explosions from an alien attack cause your dog to become fearful and hide under the bed or in a closet. Remember how the dog behaved; what their eyes did, if they ran in circles first, if they tried to drag you to safety, or did the dog go to you for comfort.

The dog can be changed to an alien child or anything you can imagine up.

Another thing. Remember the sounds of the fireworks. Maybe take notes from Youtube videos. Write out the starting whistling sound changing to the last bang. Different types do different sounds and can be used for weapon sounds in a story.

Do you have lightning bugs where you live? Did they flash about while the fireworks exploded? For me, other bugs, including mosquitoes, would pester me while sitting in the grass. A little beetle climbing up my T-shirt sleeve.

The fireworks caused children to cry. The long event made some children tired. Some slept, yet others were grumpy. A few still excited, jump around in the dark and try to catch lightning bugs while not paying attention to getting trampled by the crowd or cars slowly inching along to escape before the others.

Did you trip in the dark? I did on a curb. A detail that can be used for some clumsy character in a future tale.

Is the angry drunk ruining the night for someone? All too often nowadays its the boyfriend/husband screaming into his cellphone, making sure everyone knows he believes his girlfriend/wife is a _____. Oblivious to the toddlers around him. Perhaps that one standing back and not moving is his own.

Getting home I take a deep breath and let the anxiety out in a huff. I need to wind down before I can sleep. Maybe watch a show on Netflix. Oh, I know, It’s cathartic for me to write out things. I need a blog post for Friday which I’ve been having trouble coming up with what to write. Every little detail can be fodder for the needed details that make a novel interesting.

I know I’m still going to check all my social media accounts after this and watch a show anyway. Maybe even a 2 hour one. I’ll be in bed sometime after 2:00 am.


In the alien forest, strange insect creatures bumped into Alice. Some beetles careened off into the underbrush after their crash. One latched onto her shirt and climbed up her shoulder.

A small one with long wings beating in a blur bit her. She jerked away. Turning about she saw swarms of them. Alice moved forward then turned, running in circles to avoid another unpleasant encounter with the tiny creatures. She got bit again anyway.

Running for it, confused with what she should do, Alice’s eyes darted about in panic.

Spotting a local person, she ran to them. She grabbed their arm and hid behind them, not saying what was wrong.


I thought of putting another part with a drunk local going off on Alice being afraid of bugs. I decided I didn’t want to write negative stuff right now and for the post ending in that way. I’m sure everyone can see at least one way to add something of the other observations into the writing.

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