Weaponized Tacks

I and someone else, I couldn’t see their body though they stood right next to me, were in the dining room of a dark house. Other people/entities got inside. I had a flat stick like a ruler with tacks in it, points sticking out. The other person had a short one with a rubber tube on the end. I put a tack at the end of the rubber tube with the point sticking out thru the rubber. Of course, I doubt that would do any good at all against an intruder, but what can I say, (shrug) dreams.

I headed to the basement door. Down the steps, what looked like a little kid sat on the stairs with their back to me in the dark. I froze, then I tried to back away and gently close the door. That failed. The kid/entity turned around slowly, and I woke up frightened.

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