Web of Chaos

Posted 01/25/19

Chapter 16

All Hell

Sept 27, 2229


Jolting awake from an alarm blaring from his Aivot, Gill bolted out of bed. His brain rushing on overdrive, he struggled to collect himself. Stumbling off balance to the closet, Gill grabbed a suit and put it on as fast as possible, ignoring the tie. The door opened, and he ran out.

Watching video feed from Maylis’s apartment, Gill saw four Chrysomallus had broken in. They grabbed a kicking and screaming Maylis as she held on tight to Sydnie. While the Chrysomallus dragged Maylis and Sydnie out of their apartment, Gill accessed more cameras in the building.

Getting into his car, he overrode the safety features and drove off. Coming out of the underground garage, he hit the front corner of another vehicle. His car smashed it and tore a chunk off, but his own remained undamaged.

Gill patched through to Martial Call. “Get here as fast as you can.”

“Understood, coordinates came through,” said Alexander.

Gill drove as fast as he could, the traffic lights changing to green before getting to them. A police vehicle flew down behind Gill, its sirens blaring. A voice came through the speakers in Gill’s car. “Pull over.”

“I’m Gill Rune. Run my plates and get to the address I am uploading to you now as fast as you can.”

A second later. “Understood, Sir. Do you want us to escort you?”

No, just go,” said Gill frustrated, feeling as though he lost. He knew it would be too late to catch the Chrysomallus at the apartment building.

The police vehicle flew up and over Gill’s car, speeding to Maylis’s home.

Uploading the faces of the Chrysomallus to the police, Gill also accessed the CCTV cameras in the area to get their vehicle ID’d.

The aliens hauled Maylis and Sydnie out of the building, and Gill lost sight of them. Tears rolled down his face. Accessing cameras on the street, Gill saw the Chrysomallus yank Sydnie from Maylis’s arms.

Two Chrysomallus shoved Sydnie into one flying police vehicle as the other two dragged Maylis to another one.

Gill sent the video to the police en route and contacted the local district. “This is Gill Rune, Agent of Jovan Anlon. There are Chrysomallus using police vehicles in a kidnapping attempt. Send out all officers to apprehend.”

“You’re ID, Sir?” Said a woman’s voice on the other end.

“Uploading now. All the information I have is already in your system.”

Disconnecting from the police, he contacted Martial Call. “The targets have police cars. Keep track of all of them you can.”

“Acknowledged,” said Alexander.

The police vehicles the Chrysomallus had flew off. Gill watched on in despair from his Aivot. He could no longer suppress the intense sadness and the strange type of fear inside him from the start of the alarm; an emotion with no location, a void outside his body connected to Maylis and Sydnie.


Watching the Rephaim get help putting on the exo-armor, Malphas turned away. “We need to leave now. Before the others make it back with our guests.”

The Rephaim put on his helmet. “Not my guests.”

“I was not talking to you.”

“Come on then,” said the Rephaim walking past Malphas.

Malphas followed and did not like being the one behind. It made him feel better knowing the Rephaim would be dead soon. An escape plan to regroup for a future attack had been set up; but as far as Malphas was concerned, only him and his driver would get out alive.

The Rephaim got in a truck with other aliens.

Malphas got into his car. “The ship is ready?”

“Yes, Sir,” said the driver.

“The backup is in place?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good… They are waiting for us to come home. I plan to make sure we do.”

The driver and Malphas watched the truck pull away.


Outside Maylis’s apartment, Gill approached the Chief of police. Gill clenched his jaw and fists. “They have police cars. How do they have access to them?”

“I don’t know,” said the Chief of police.

“Are they cops?”

“No! You know that.”

“Anyone working undercover? Who are they working for? Not the G.E. They’re Chrysomallus.”

“Ok, ok. Calm down. We have no idea why or who would kidnap them. You and Anlon would know better than us.”

Gill slammed his fist into the Chief of police’s face, and the man collapsed unconscious. A few officers ran over to the Chief of police, but no one touched Gill. Walking to his car and getting in, Gill slumped over and put his head into his hands.

Alexander contacted him. “We have nothing.”

“I’m working on data from satellites. I can compare imagery to the know GPS locations of the real police cars. Stand by for further orders.”

“Yes. We’ll get them. You have my word.”

“Thank you.” Gill leaned back, a tear rolling down his face.

Piecing together CCTV and satellite footage, Gill followed section by section the directions the Chrysomallus fled. The flying vehicle carrying Maylis followed one path, and the one which took Sydnie flew a different one to the same location.

He identified the coordinates of the skyscraper with its top half broken off and uploaded them to Martial Call. “Make your way to the coordinates and engage.”

“Understood,” said Alexander.

Gill sped to the location.


The America came down above the rubble of the skyscraper. Cathan opened fire with the America’s weapons annihilating the lookouts stationed about the building. Melissa flew out, zoomed to the back of the building, and opened fire on the lookouts there. Alexander, Gunnar, and Liam jumped out, landing with loud thumps and kicking up dust. They rushed into the building.

Gunnar opened fire with his hip mounted OPR. The blasts burned clean through the aliens and through the walls of the skyscraper after.

“Rescue mission. Be careful,” said Alexander.

Gunner turned down the power level of his OPR.

The blasts fired by the aliens sizzled against his exo-armor.

The blue energy shield on the front of Liam’s ESAR took many of the enemies blasts as he moved from one location to the next. Going deeper and deeper into the building, he looked for Maylis and Sydnie. His exo-armor linked with the others and mapped out the structure’s layout.

Alexander moved into position past Liam. Some aliens had energy shields up, blocking the hallway and shooting at the Marines. Gunner turned the power level on his OPR up. Blasting one of the shields, he shattered it and burned a hole through the enemy. He took out the other alien in the same way.

They hastened down the hallway. Some aliens ran away down an intersecting one. Before they could open fire, Melissa rocketed right into the aliens killing them on impact with her exo-armor.

Melissa scraped against the ceiling as Alexander watched her fly over his head.

Alexander turned around. “No sign of them?”

Melissa landed. “They must be below ground.”

“Ok. Gunner left. Liam Right. Get down to the next floor. Melissa clear out anyone remaining up here then head down.”

The others took off, and Alexander ran for the nearest stairs Melissa had recently flown past. Descending an explosion collapsed the stairs and fire engulfed Alexander as he fell. Landing with the clang of metal on metal, Alexander got up as fast as he could, aiming for enemies not there. Unharmed, Alexander continued on.

Coming up on three Chrysomallus he saw one of them dragging Maylis, who held Sydnie, out of a room. “Let them go and surrender,” said Alexander as the two others fired at him.

Backing up down the hallway the one who pulled on Maylis fired at Alexander, the blasts damaging his exo-armor. “Let us go, and we’ll release them. We have no quarrel with you.”

“They’re connected to Anlon. You’re not getting out of this even if I let you go. Everyone will be hunting for you.”

The Chrysomallus stopped firing. After a pause, they spoke up. “They’re G.E.”

“No, they are not.”

The Chrysomallus holding Maylis could think of no response and backed up closer to an intersecting hallway while squeezing Maylis’s arm harder.

Melissa flew at them from behind. The Chrysomallus let go of Maylis and yanked a crying Sydnie from her arms and ran. Alexander blasted apart the two other aliens as Melissa shielded a screaming Maylis on the floor.

Running to Melissa and Maylis, Alexander glanced down the adjacent hallway and didn’t see anyone. “Go after him.”

Melissa stood up and jetted down the hallway after the Chrysomallus and Sydnie.

“Go after them,” said Maylis in tears. “Save my daughter.”

“Hide, but don’t leave here. There are traps,” said Alexander running off.

He came around a corner and saw a vast tunnel dug out of the skyscrapers lower levels and the police vehicles flying away.

Firing at one of the vehicles Alexander’s ordered over the com channel. “Cathan, force the police vehicles to land. Gill’s daughter might be in either one.”

Alexander ran down the tunnel, and a massive blast came from behind him. Gunnar took out the bottom right of one of the vehicles. The vehicle crashed to the floor of the tunnel sending a spray of dirt out and flinging pipes and wires about.

Melissa sped after the remaining vehicle as it exited the tunnel. Running up to the downed one, Alexander got in front and looked through the windshield. Three Chrysomallus inside raised their hands. Alexander pointed his gun at the driver. “Open the door and get out.”

The injured Chrysomallus got out as Gunnar came up behind the vehicle.

“Check for the girl,” said Alexander.

Gunnar looked inside, looked at Alexander, and shook his head.


Running through the skyscraper Gill had a map of the layout downloaded from Martial Call. He headed straight to Maylis. “Maylis,” said Gill from where Alexander had left her. She came shaking out of a nearby room, and Gill ran to her.

“Come with me.” Gill held her hand hurrying her along.

Weak and exhausted she stumbled along lagging a bit behind him.

At the cavernous tunnel entrance, Liam stood guard as they raced past. Coming up on the police vehicle with Alexander and Gunnar guarding the Chrysomallus, Gill heard Melissa report in. “She’s not in this car either.”

Maylis could not hear. “Where is Sydnie?”

“We don’t know,” said Gill approaching the three Chrysomallus. “Where is my daughter?” Gill yelled in anger glaring at the aliens.

“We don’t know,” said one.

Gill raised his gun and blasted him through the head. The Chrysomallus collapsed with a thump.

“No,” said Maylis pulling on Gill her eyes wide and mouth open. “Don’t.”

Gill looked at the next Chrysomallus.

“A Volant,” said the Chrysomallus stuttering. “A Volant as soon as he got to the tunnel where we were waiting for him. He sped off before we were ready.”

“What model of bike?”

“Just some junker assembled from scrap.”


“@Bruse3 sector #184144.”

Gill blasted the Chrysomallus.

“No,” said Maylis grabbing Gill’s arm. Holding on to him.

Gill raised his arm with Maylis struggling to hold it down.

“We thought they were G.E,” said the last Chrysomallus as fast as he could, tears coming from his eyes.

A blast burned through the Chrysomallus’s face and he fell. Maylis did not say anything and held onto Gill tighter.


Jumping out of the truck next to the most massive skyscraper in Center City Philadelphia, the Rephaim ran full tilt at it. Bursting through its glass side, he lifted his gauntlets and opened fire on the humans inside.

Everyone who could ran screaming, desperate to escape the carnage.

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